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Environmental Social Governance

We strive to integrate  ESG standards in all aspects of our strategy and investment approach. We make every effort to enhance the corporate value or our companies in a way that would also benefit local communities

Our Philosophy

The core investment philosophy that has driven Glenwood since inception is a ‘partnership-based approach’. This approach serves as a foundation for every aspect of our investments, not only for our relationships with investors and portfolio companies, but also for our investment professionals and staff, employees of our portfolio companies, and the local community. We believe that there is no 'one size fits all' ESG initiative or solution that works for all companies. Each company has different needs and requires unique solutions when it comes to resolving ESG issues.  


ESG Framework







Glenwood Private Equity is a UN Principles of Responsible Investing (“PRI”) signatory and a subscriber of the RepRisk ESG risk due diligence service. We also operate an ESG Advisory Committee consisting solely of external committee members for an objective view on all our investment decisions from an ESG standpoint. 

"Great companies are those that can be champions of the local community and support local employment, economic development and the environment." 

Chan W. Jung
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Since Glenwood’s establishment, our portfolio companies have cumulatively created over 5,000 jobs since 2015. Glenwood has received numerous commendations and citations of the highest order from the Government of Korea for its contributions to labor-related issues and the development of local communities.

We strive to implement environmental measures whenever possible in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our portfolio companies and ensure that the well-being and safety of our employees comes first at all facilities.

As a local private equity investor serving many of the largest pension funds in Korea, Glenwood has contributed $2.8 billion of retirement benefits to millions of pensioners including teachers, police force and others. We continue to seek opportunities where we can provide not only economic value but also social value to our investors.



대통령 로고.jpg

Jobs created by portfolio companies under Glenwood's management

Planned ESG investment by portfolio companies for the reduction of carbon footprint and improvements in energy efficiency

Magic selected as a 'Top 100 Job Creating Companies' in 2015 and awarded Presidential Commendation

대통령 로고.jpg

Haeyang Energy awarded Presidential Commendation for contributions to the local economy


CJ Olive Young selected in the top group of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Management Index

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